CD-VX – Keeping you ahead
of digital market events!

Professionally crafted, state-of-the-art digital platform,
fully enhanced for the aspiring digital venturers.

About Us

CD-VX is a digital asset web-based solution, offering its patrons a safe and secure market experience.

Our platform provides its users with innovative tools, 24/7 dedicated support, advanced graphic representation of digital markets with easy-to-read graphs and charts, in order to assist in navigating the virtual markets.


Swift-Order Executions

Never miss a market opportunity with our ultra-fast order executions.


Professional Support

The CD-VX support team are on hand 24/7 to help you through live chat, phone, or e-mail.


Advanced Online Security

We have implemented the latest virtual safety protocols to ensure your secure online presence.

Our mission

At CD-VX we value our users, by creating an easy-to-use digital platform, offering 24/7 Customer Support, and a variety of tools to assist you with your entry into the digital markets. Our goal is to provide all digital currency enthusiasts with a professional platform, allowing access to over 70+ leading digital asset pairs.

Web-Based Solutions

Our team at CD-VX continually strive to keep users ahead of current digital market events, equipping them with advanced tools and an intuitive interface. Tailored for new and seasoned enthusiasts alike, our platform is available on a web-based solution on all electronic devices, and on all operating systems.

An intuitive and advanced toolkit at your disposal.

24/7 Dedicated Customer Support via chat or e-mail.

On-the-go availability on all electronic devices and operating systems.

A Simple Registration Process

Without any complex software, CD-VX presents its users with a simple registration process for a trouble-free entry into virtual markets!