CD-VX compliance department is responsible for ensuring that your funds and personal information are always protected. As a result, we have employed the latest and most sophisticated technologies in order to assist us in safeguarding your information and trading activities. 

As part of our commitment to providing a safe trading environment, we require our clients to complete our account verification process. This process allows CD-VX to protect your funds and to offer you faster and reliable withdrawals. 

Account Verification Process 

In order to verify your trading account, please provide us with the following documents: 

Proof of Identity – Please provide a photocopy/scan of the front and back sections of a valid government-issued photo ID, with your full name, picture, date of birth and expiration date, all clearly visible. 

We accept: 

Official Photo ID 


Driver’s License

Proof of Residence – Please provide a photocopy/scan of an official utility bill issued in the last three (3) months, with your full name and address clearly visible and matching your account, as well as the date of issue. 

We accept: 

Household utility bill (gas bill, electricity bill, water bill, landline telephone bill, TV, satellite or cable bill) 

Bank/Credit card statement 

Local tax statement 

Insurance documents 

Declaration of Deposit 

This form will be sent by CD-VX to you via e-mail following the deposit and it should be completed by the client, including an online signature. 

Important:CD-VX Compliance staff requires all the necessary documents to be in colour and to reflect all 4 corners.

Documents should be sent in a colour image format, such as JPEG or PDF file-types. 

Please note that withdrawals shall not be approved until the client has fulfilled all the verification document requirements and all documents have been reviewed and officially approved by CD-VX staff. 

You can send the required documents by one of the methods stated below: 

By sending an email to [email protected]